Fiitball is an excellent game to play for players of different sports and is a practice that lends itself superbly to learning in certain aspects of the development syllabus.

The game is a great leader to subjects like passing/receiving and movement awareness in football, hockey, netball etc.

The game encourages key components to elite players like double runs, runs to create space, 3rd man runs, receiving under pressure, timing, transitions, reactions and more.


We have created variations of the core game with different rules that then affect technical development. This is a very enjoyable way to develop these skills and much more realistic to the real game of football than feeding players a ball. Variations in scoring mean players are challenged also to come up with tactical solutions and finishing accuracy.

The Fiitball goal is great to use for technical development in young players. Scoring isn’t easy and requires balance, focus and attention to detail. Various fun games and practice can be created that keep players interested in repetitive type technical challenges with a purpose and reward. 

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