Fiitball is a brand new game that everyone can play. We used our decades of professional coaching experience to develop a sport that everyone can play together. A game that is less focused on elite sporting ability which normally sees more advanced player's dominate games. We wanted a sport that could be played by young people together regardless of ability, sizes and gender and which everyone could feel part of and gain enjoyment.


This new sport is therefore ideal for a primary school to play with a whole class together but equally could and does get played by older children.


The game is a hybrid of Netball, Basketball, American Football & Football with lots of scoring opportunities that also suit young people with physical restrictions.


Hundred's of schools have now tried Fiitball and we have had 95.5% positive feedback from pupils who would like to play again. Teachers and PE staff have all provided us with 100% positive feedback.

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Fiitball News:-

16.11.14 - Fiitball - On BBC Breakfast filmed Pirton Hill School, Luton

Fiitball was reported on BBC Breakfast by Mike Bushell. Watch the video here:  BBC Video

Nov 2014 BBC Camera's arrive in Luton at Pirton Hill School to film Fiitball at our champion school...

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