Youth Development Phase U12 - U16

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Ever been for a trial at a professional academy? Or would like to? Truth is, most do not get past that 6 week trial. But, we feel much of that is not because they haven’t got a chance but because the player isn’t prepared. You might train once a week and have a 20 minute session where you are learning an aspect of the game. Those players could be training 10-15 hours a week. So we see ourselves as that stepping stone in the middle arming you better for your trial.

In our Youth Player courses we really start to work on the 4 cornerstones of a players tool box of requirements. Sessions will be challenge and develop the players physically, psychologically and tactically. But most of all technically. The sessions will follow a similar syllabus to that experienced inside pro academies.


These session will be delivered to academy standards by qualified coaches with academy and professional experience. If your child excels and proves to be deemed capable of playing at the elite level then they will be offered a trial at our associated clubs. 

Either way this will be a great experience and fun program to attend, whilst improving you as an overall player for your club.

Recent Coaching Course Feedback

"I have enjoyed the football practice" Luke U13

"It was a good experience, thanks Tony & Kevin" James U15

"I enjoyed learning about attacking" Mason U10

"I really enjoyed it, I learnt a lot, it was a great experience" Luke U12

"I enjoyed it a lot" Matt U11

"It was enjoyable" Dominic U13

"I enjoyed the style of the training" Kaine U15

"Thank you so much for helping me this week" Charlie U14

"I enjoyed it because you can have a laugh" Jake U13

"Thanks for your help and loved the course" Harry U10

"It was fun and learnt new stuff" Becks U13

"Thank you for letting me train with you, it's been great and I have learned lots"Kieran U15

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