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Little players deserve little pitches, little balls, little goals and plenty of encouragement. The image shows 2Touch owners 6 year old boy on board an adult 1,000cc 200bhp British Superbike. He was convinced he could take the bike out on the track! Of course this would be unthinkable for obvious reasons. But there are not just safety implications. He does not know how to technically control this bike, he isn’t physically capable to hold on and most of all, he is too small to reach anything!

Bikes grow with the rider gradually, so should football pitches!

2Touch ethos for young people


2Touch offer services to clubs, schools and parents and are committed to delivering fun football for girls and boys of all abilities. We want them to have as many touches of the ball so they can begin to learn the game in a safe, positive environment. Any 2Touch coaches working with little players are qualified in the brilliant FA Youth Module minimum level 2 and also are trained to deliver the sessions in the 2Touch ethos. That being fun games with lots of touches to learn the basic technical aspects of the game.



2 Touch are firm supporters of the changes taking place in our game. Our owner had 5 years experience of mini soccer in its old form managing a team and experienced many up's and down's in the process. So we totally understand how hard it is to run a football club with the development ethos ahead of winning games. A lot of parents still want to see their children winning and believe that is the cornerstone of their development. More worryingly, so do many managers and coaches.

It is our view based on experience that children do naturally 'want' to win and there is no issue or problem with that. But where we do have an issue is the 'win at all cost' ethos. 

There are 'ways to win' and in most cases this will be at the detriment of development. For example. We will have all seen on many occasions the teams that get the player that can kick it furthest to kick it to the big player up the pitch to score. The question is, how many players had a touch of the ball in that phase of play? How many touches will the defenders get in that whole season? 

Our second example is the subject of mistakes. 

If you make a mistake do you need reminding? Or coaching? Too many coaches and parents criticise a little player when they make a mistake. But this is how you and they learn. They dream of great things not mistakes so they don’t do it on purpose. In academy football if a mistake is made we would look to fix it but never encourage the team to avoid that player. Which happens all too often. 

Remember, when you point the finger of blame there are three fingers pointing back to you!

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