Champs Football Party

2 Touch Football will give your child a true 'football experience' in fun way. We want to make sure your child leaves with a huge smile and a day to remember. Rather than just occupying them for an hour.

Party Content

  • Fun Competitions including rebound board, score through targets, ball in the basket, mini world cup tournament with team wear/numbers and speed gun.
  • Penalty Competition
  • Always a senior qualified coach present
  • Official team photographs
  • Individual 'media interview' photo
  • Medal ceremony with trophies/medals
  • List of winning items so everyone gets a medal. Best Skill, best save, best goal, best cross, best tackle, best communication, best turn, best control, best dribble, best pass. Plus a runner up for each award so all 20 players get a medal. 
  • No focus on who wins/losses. But will be 'player of the tournament'
  • All squads get a football snack and cake as part of presentation
  • Football themed music
  • Older version for 13/14 year olds
  • No lower age limit, recommend 6-11
  • Parents encouraged to cheer on skills, not scores
Part Times & Locations
School Term    
Days Times Locations
Saturday 12-1.30PM TBC
Saturday 2 -3.30PM TBC
Saturday 4 - 5.30PM TBC
Saturday 6 -7.30PM TBC
Mon-Fri 5 - 6.30PM TBC
Mon-Fri 7-8.30PM TBC
Mon-Fri 12-1.30PM TBC
Mon-Fri 2 -3.30PM TBC
Mon-Fri 4 -5.30PM TBC
Mon-Fri 6 -7.30PM TBC
Cost: £250 per party
Qty: Maximum 20 players
Or.. £15 per head (min 10 players)
50% deposit required for bookings
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