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Training Details

All Teams Train together at the same time at the same site. #1ClubEthos



Wednesday Evenings:

7pm till 8pm Downside Recreation Ground, Suffolk Road, Dunstable LU5 4ES



Our Identity...

ONE Club, ONE Vision, ONE set of rules... 


- Place player welfare above every topic, 100 times out of 100 

- A Pathway club, meaning we will embrace players moving onto to something special

- Open Mindset

- Holistic Player development

- Embrace Bio-banding and players playing with different ages

- Embrace a winning mentality, but not at all cost and never over player development

- Coaches will be football role models to the parents and players. Parents will be people role models to the players. Players will be learning role models to each other

- As part of holistic development we will be respectful and well-mannered to each other. Shake hands when we meet and part

- Recruit balanced players to fit different roles within the game

- Create and work with players on individual development plans with feedback

- Embrace creativity 

- Promote team-work and team-spirit


Our coaches sign up to our own ethos:-

-          Use r 4 E’s coaching policy as a reminder of our coaching style

o    Enthusiasm:- Children will bounce off your own body language

o    Energy:- Aimed at the participant’s. Sessions should be good tempo and active

o    Empathy:- Understand the variety of backgrounds, capabilities and limitations that a group can provide. Caution you don’t set expectations too high. Focus in Inclusion and participation for all

o    Enjoyment:- The most important factor for the children. Leave them buzzing and wanting more.


Academy News...

Aug 2017

It's been a busy couple of months for our FREE to play football club. From a standing start we have managed to form our first team at U11 and are working hard to get other teams formed at U7,8,9&10. 
Our U11s played together for the first time today in some lovely green bibs as our kit is yet to arrive. They may have looked a bit like they had just strolled up and found a tournament to enter but what became rapidly clear was that this group of boys have an amazing team spirit and some very talented players as well. They managed to top their group of seven with 5 wins and one loss, scoring 15 goals and just conceding 1 against long established and good teams. They lost on penalties after drawing nil nil in the semi final but we are immensely proud of every one of them.
If you want your child to be involved in our amazing FREE club please get in touch here...

Sep 2017

Our brand new FREE 2 Play Football Academy awaits delivery of its U11s first kit. Looks a bit 'Ajax'. That's some repuatation to live up to!

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